Time to turn the hangers in…

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It’s that time of year again.  Time to take control of your closet!  Last Spring I suggested that you put all of your hangers facing the front.  When you take something out and wear it, return it to your closet … Continued

Turquoise nugget bolo tie

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Turquoise is an opaque mineral that naturally occurs in beautiful shades of blue, green & yellow. Truly a treasured gemstone for thousands of years… This frontier turquoise nugget bolo tie is a magnificent 1135 carat…


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The boardgame – Parcheesi, a dice and chase game similar to Ludo, originated in India 300 BCE – 500 BCE.  This is a bookcase version, hand painted and one of only two like this that I know of.  The artist … Continued

Photo shoots are fun…

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I love doing photo shoots but they are really hard work!! However, the results are worth it. My friend and model of the month, Aisling McDermott, looked fab in this olive green, sleeveless, tent dress. She looks quite comfortable even … Continued

Little Black Dress

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Occasionally I look in my wardrobe and wonder why I ever bought that “thing.” You know, the one that’s still hanging in the back with the tag on it.  I take it out, shake it a few times, might even … Continued