Time to turn the hangers in…

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It’s that time of year again.  Time to take control of your closet!  Last Spring I suggested that you put all of your hangers facing the front.  When you take something out and wear it, return it to your closet with the hanger in the ‘normal’ position, facing the back.  Now you’ll see why.  Everything that still has the hanger facing the front is a piece you haven’t worn.  Take the Spring/Summer items out and decide if it’s time for them to go.  Your local charity will appreciate getting your donation now instead of at the end of the year.  They get inundated between Christmas and New Year’s!

And now do it again.  Put ALL of your hangers facing the front.  Next Spring you’ll do the same to your Fall/Winter hanging clothes.  There now, wasn’t that easy?

Still got too much in your closet.  Here’s another tip.  Limit the number of hangers you have and don’t get any more.  If you get something new then something old must go otherwise there is no hanger for your new item. Easy peasy!

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